To a wonderful lady, a model, an inspiration

A woman who stood firm before strokes and loss

A woman who climbed a staircase using her hands as crutches,

To earn money for basic needs and keep away starvation

A woman who smiles and enjoys life

A woman of gold, whose greatness is still to be unfold.

We do not know or we do not care

We do not show or we do not tell

That in a good way or in a bad way,

On a happy morning or a sad day,

With a frown on our brow,

With a greeting on our lips,

With our words, with our smiles

We have influence on others’ lives.

This influence exists in different levels.

It goes from dressing in fashion to smoking despite caution,

From sleeping around, to getting babies for consolation,

It is imposed like a trend,

It is a medium through which we can blend

It can be a blessing, it can be a curse

It depends on which fairy is playing the nurse

I want to be an influence to you,

I want to make a change too

I call on to your bravery,

I call you to stand when it’s dry and when its rainy

I call you to make a change in your lives

So people will see and turn away from lies

To you who think your life is miserable

To you who say that you are not able

To you who think you have it worse than others

Or are too neat for you lives to get out of order

To you who would rather crawl in darkness

Than let your smile shine through sadness

Today will never come again,

Be an influence, make a change

Not just with words, but with actions

Not just with thoughts, but with goals

You don’t have to be great to start,

but you have to start, to be great

If you face the day with a smile,

You will impact people on a hundred mile.

Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same


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